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Focus Groups is one of the most used qualitative methodologies. They are meetings with participants of a specific profile, adequate to every need of Research (they can be from consumers of a product with a very specific demographic profile to professionals or experts in a particular sector).

The Focus Group approach is open and structured:

• Open: in the sense that it focuses on the spontaneity of responses and reactions from participants.

• Structured: The qualitative technician prepare a guide that guides the order of presentation of the themes (always from spontaneous to suggested ones) and works as a reminder to ensure that all issues are addressed by the group.

The Focus Groups are moderated by an expert in this type of technique that intervene with the fundamental premise of not interfering in the dynamics of the group and accept all the opinions as valid so that prime freedom, spontaneity and sincerity of the participants. The moderator's role is to create a climate of trust with the audience, introducing the different topics of interest and moderating the speaking times so that everyone could give their opinion.

Meetings last approximately between 2 hours and 2 hours and a half and are conducted in rooms equipped with mirror-spy so that the customer can follow the meeting.

The value of this technique lies in the interpretation of the dynamics established between the various participants. The richness and depth of the information it provides make this methodology the most widely used.

The ideal size of the group so that everyone can express their opinions is about 8 / 9 participants.