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The Program of Consumer Satisfaction Measurement is an information system that considers consumer satisfaction as the key element of the corporate quality strategy. It is a management tool by which the perceptions and desires of the customers are converted into tangible information. It is a continuous measurement system that provides a follow-up of the progress and the results of the improvements made according to the customer's demands.


In addition to measuring the satisfaction of the customers for having satisfied the basic demands, it gives information about differences with respect to the competition: those elements that give added value to the product or service and that can generate competitive edges:

• Detect and measure quality key factors, from the customers' point of view.
• Determine which relationship between quality, price and image is attractive for the customer.
• Identify possible differentiation strategies of products/services.
• Establish comparisons with the competition in regards performance quality.
• Discover current strengths and weaknesses.

More information in the section of Satisfaction Surveys and Quality Studies.