Mass consumption and advertising

Television advertising campaign

Specialization in studies for Mass Consumption and Advertising

Clau Consultors has developed a multitude of studies on purchasing and consumption habits, using qualitative techniques, quantitative and mixed approach.

The studies have been directed to a wide range of targets (general population, housewives, heads of the families, children, youngsters, elderly people, professionals, leaders of opinion...) as well as to specific samples of all kind (of different socioeconomic status, users or consumers of given products, people with specific characteristics,...)

Research studies on the evaluation of the impact of ad campaigns (pre-tests and post-tests is another one of the fundamental areas of specialization of the consultant, working from the initial phase of concept creation based on motivational studies, qualitative pretesting of the campaign (from concept boards, story boards, animatics…) and testing the level of awareness and assessment of the spots with quantitative methodologies.



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