Satisfaction Surveys and Quality Studies

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Specialization in Satisfaction Surveys and Quality Management

Study customer satisfaction in order to manage quality

For quite sometime companies and organizations have been incorporating assessment of qualty service and consumer satisfaction as an essential part of their management systems: the measure of the consumer satisfaction is closely linked to the total quality management.

Achieving satisfaction of the customer or user is the objective and total quality management is the means while customer satisfaction measurement is the point of reference that is used the world-over to evaluate the customer tendencies.

Specialization in satisfation studies

Clau Consultors has a department specialized in quality measurement and satisfaction of customers or users that has extensive experience in satisfaction studies for the majority of sectors.

We have focussed our work on two of the already existing methods used for determining the customers demands and to establish a line of reference for the satisfaction of their expectations:

  • Studies of Consumer satisfaction (Satisfaction Measurement Program)
  • Mystery Shopper

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